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  • Mixer video


3.400,00 €

Panasonic MIXER MULTI-FORMAT HD/SD DIGITAL A/V - High-quality video switching mixer, supports SD, HD, and 3D HD formats.


0,00 €

Sony AWS-750. Soluzione Anycast Touch di produzione dal vivo all-in-one compatta e conveniente di switching video e mixaggio audio con display LCD da 10,6", touch screen intuitivo.


4.850,00 €

Datavideo KMU-100. 4K Dual channel multipurpose processing unit providing up/down/cross and scaling functionality.


935,00 €

Datavideo SE-500. 4 input Y/C(S-Video), CV Video Mixer / Switcher, RS-232/Midi Control. Quad input + Preview Output display on a single monitor. On-screen Tally Light Indication. Digital effects


1.055,00 €

Datavideo SE-500HD. 4 Input full HD video mixer. HDMI inputs, Quad split preview. RCA inputs for audio embedding and mixing capabilities