Ottiche e Filtri

Ottiche e Filtri

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Attiva filtri

  • 890,00 € - 1.181,00 €


890,00 €

Cavision two-element combination of BWA07x117 & BWA07x86 can be used as .49x or .7x. For 2/3"tv lens with 8.5mm and up focal lengths and 85, 86mm front o.d.


952,00 €

Cavision two-element, combination of BWA07x117 & BWA06x86 can be used for .6x or .42x. This combination has a built in 9586 clamp to attach to 85mm or 86mm od lenses.


968,00 €

Cavision Single-element 0.4X fisheye wide angle adapter for HD. Features 9586 clamp-on mount for lenses with 85 or 86mm front O.D. For 2/3" TV/HD lens with 8.5mm and up focal lengths. Can also be used with CR95-85 clamp-on ring.


737,00 €

Cavision Two-element combination of BWA07X117 & LWA07X77 for 77mm P=0.75 filter thread, can be used as .49X or .7X


793,00 €

Cavision Shoulder Pad Package with Follow Focus for DSLR cameras with low LCD alignment such as the 7D & T2i/550D; not suitable for 5DMII. Includes LCD viewfinder for 3.0" LCD's, swing-away connector with quick release, aluminum rods support with quick release, dual handgrips, shoulder pad & basic mini follow focus. *note: additional gear rings...