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Libec ALX S8 KIT Head, Tripod, and Slider Kit

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The ALX S8 KIT from Libec is a camera slider system comprising the ALX T 2-stage aluminum tripod, ALX H fluid head, and ALX S8 slider. The slider uses eight roller bearings to provide smooth camera slides, with a maximum travel distance of 708 mm. Thanks to its 75mm ball base with flat bottom, the slider can be mounted directly to the ALX T tripod's 75mm bowl or to a flat base tripod or a fluid head.
The ALX T tripod gives you operating height range of 60 to 150 cm and features a telescoping mid-level spreader for enhanced leg rigidity. The included ALX H fluid head supports loads up to 4 Kg and, like the ALX S8 slider, has a hybrid 75mm ball and flat base that allows you to mount it on the tripod or the slider carriage to add pan and tilt movement to your slides. As part of this kit, padded carrying cases are included for both the tripod system and the slider.

  • 708 mm slide range with a 15 Kg payload
  • 15 Kg load capacity when used on a tabletop or flat surface
  • Dual-base tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp for mounting on a tripod with a flat-base or 75mm ball head
  • Eight high-performance ball bearings on the top and sides allow for smooth, wobble-free motion
  • Tension/friction knob, brake knob, and bubble level
  • 800 mm rail can be swapped for optional 400 mm or 1200 mm rail lengths
  • Collapsible tabletop legs for easy setup and storage
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Includes padded carrying case with fixing handle and maintenance kit
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