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SWEDX Kiosk Signo 15.6" FHD, touch screen 10 Tocchi (Necessario Player Aggiuntivo), contiene Lettore USB Integrato, 1080p, 220 Candele, contrasto 800:1, 24/7. Colore Nero

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SWEDX Kiosk Signo 15.6" Full HD, touch screen. Colore Nero

SWEDX Touch Signo takes your marketing to a new level and ensures that your products / services are presented in an optimal and cost-effective manner.
The product consists of a 15.6 inch LCD touchscreen. The following makes Touch Signo a must for your marketing

  • The touch screen allows you to engage your customers, which leads to increased interest in your products / services with customers.
  • The product can be powered by battery, which makes it mobile and can be used anywhere (such as car halls, fairs, outdoor areas, shopping malls, etc.). The 16 Ah battery (available as accessory) operates the product up to 24 hours.
  • Additional smart accessories available for Touch Signo are motion sensor, it allows the battery to be saved and used only when there is motion and it draws customer attention when the product wakes up and it appears that something is happening.
  • The product is lightweight (only 8.5 kg) and is equipped with wheels that allow it to be moved easily and smoothly.
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FullHD - 1920 x 1080 (16:9)

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